MbeguChoice is an app and web based application whose aim is to use technology and combine with the available relevant data to help farmers in choosing relevant crop varieties that perform well in their regions. MbeguChoice is an app that through partnership with relevant and bodies associated with seed production allows framers to get best from the best varieties to plant.

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MbeguChoice as earlier said is an app and web based application that uses altitude and other relevant factor to determine crop breeds that perform at their best.

In this article which is a tutorial or how to question answered will get you using the MbeguChoice App both web based and Android based without any problem.

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Table of Contents for How to use MbeguChoice App to Determine Type of Crop to Grow

Step 1: Choice of Language

Language as we all know is sometimes W barrier and getting an app that allows you to choose of the languages you understand then it is one of the best.

Choose either English or Swahili since the app mainly works in Kenya those are the official languages that one must know of them in Kenya.

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Step 2: Choose County,  Ecological Zone and Crop


The image above gives us an overview of what you will see. In Kenya we have several counties and not all support rainfed agriculture. That’s why some counties are missing.

Choose your County then proceed to choose the Ecological Zone your farm is located. This are helpful in determining the type of crop of crop variety to use. And whether it stand the climatic conditions.

Lastly choose the Crop type that you would wish to plant or get seed varieties.


Step 3: Results

After keying in your County, ecological zone and crop type, you will be redirected to a results page/activity which provides plant or seed varieties of the crop you choose that can do well in the county you entered in step 2 above.

Depending on your criteria the results maybe more or you may get no results. And if they are too many you can refine them with a filter.

MbeguChoice search results

Step 4: Filtering or Refining Search.


After getting your results they may be more than the expected. You can refine them to just fit what you need.

Refining or filtering can be done based on

  • Rate of maturity
  • Crop characteristics
  • Amount of rain

MbeguChoice Refine Selection

When all is done you can choose to just view or download your search results.

MbeguChoice Download Results

I hope you enjoyed going through this one time tutorial on how to use MbeguChoice to determine the type of crop to grow.