In the modern world, the world dominated by smartphones which only would last for hours. Gone are the days when your phone would stay powered for weeks. With the ever growing and technological advancements, you can no longer find the old age phone whose quality and features were as poor.

The battery is an important feature of any gadget one that everyone should have focus on. Considering the length of time you need you phone to be on? You need a perfect battery capacity for such. However, even with the better battery you need to have the tips on how to save your battery or reduce power consumption.

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So today I sit to let you know of a few tips on how to save your battery or reduce power consumption. The tips below are key towards ensuring that. Go through the tips and take note of some.

Turn Off: Obviously this isn’t always an option. Remember just like you need some rest so dies your phone. Whenever you’re going to sleep, or  after business hours then turning your phone off is the easiest way to save battery life.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while Not in Use
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are power-hungry features so disable them when they’re not in use. After using Bluetooth to transfer your files turn it off. And also if you’re not using the internet it’s better to disconnect WI-FI. While in atleast with no WI-FI, there’s no point having it on.

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Turn off vibrate and keytones:
Switch off your cell phone’s vibrate function and consider switching off your keytones. You can also set your ringtones to a low volume to save extra juice. I bet no one is ever happy with the keytones or the touch pad sounds. Get rid of them.

No flash While taking photos
Do you really need a flash on to take a nice picture during the day? No you don’t. So please disable it or avoid using the flash. The little flashes are powerful and therefore use lots of energy, especially if you take multiple shots in a row. In fact, same goes for the camera as well.

Reduce your screen brightness
Your cellphone screen isn’t a torch so please save your battery life by reducing to the level you’re comfortable with. Cell phones just like laptops can save power this way.

Close running applications:
Apps consume battery power as long as there open. Shut apps down if they’re not in use, including non-essential apps running in the background.

Phone calls only:
Playing games, watching video, scrolling through pictures, and cruising the Internet will all suck up your power.

Don’t let it die
Avoid placing unwanted strain on your battery by charging it before it fully discharges of its power.

Turn off GPS Tracking
Triangulating your position via radio waves and satellites will eat away at your battery like no other. Try to use it only when navigation and location services are key.

Limit the screen timeout.
Most cell phone screens will stay lit for a specified period of time after receiving input such as a swipe or tap. Set the timeout to the shortest available in your settings so the display will essentially go into a sleep mode when not in use.

Turn off notifications and syncing. Notifications and background syncing aren’t crucial to use your phone, but the constant updating and displaying of messages consumes a good deal of energy. Limit your notifications to what’s actually important and keep automatic syncing to a minimum.

Update apps regularly
While not always the case, many apps are often updated to increase their battery efficiency and utilize less power. Switch on automatic updates or download them manually if you want greater control over the updating process.

Purchase an external cell phone battery or Power Bank.
It can’t hurt to have a backup battery for when all else fails. Power Bank can help you charge your cellphone omit it dies.


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