Ecitizen generally is the centre point of government operations and all these can be done online. Ecitizen is a web based government portal that simplifies how individuals handles tasks such as applying for Good Conduct, Birth Certificate, Death certificate, Driving License, interim driving license, business permits or business name registration. Learn how to renew your driving license online with ecitizen. 

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How to Renew your Driving License online with Ecitizen Portal

Table of Contents for How to Renew Your Driving License Online using Ecitizen 

Requirements in order to renew your license.

  • You must have passed through a driving school, held PDL (Provisional Driving License), IDL (Interim Driving License), IDL is usually used when taking exams at designated NTSA centres. 
  • You MUST have done the driving test, which still you can apply for Test application via Ecitizen 
  • Be a holder of Kenya Identity Card. 
  • You will need your ID No and First Name as it appears on your ID. 
  • Amount depending on the number of years you would like to renew your license, One Year (650) and 3 years (1450).
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    Step 1.

    Log onto ecitizen portal via If you don’t have an account proceed to create one using your ID and First Name. 

    Step 2

    Access the NTSA portal the first link on your dashboard after logging into the ecitizen portal. Click on the NTSA Portal. Get service. 


    Step 3

    Click on Make Application and choose the kind of renewal you want. If it is 1 year or 3 years. 


    Payments For eCitizen Portal.

    1. One year renewal costs 600 for renewal and 50 Bob is the convenience fee. 

    2. Three years (3) for an amount of Kes. 1450 (50 is the convenience fee) 


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