How to register on Sportpesa

How to Register onSportpesa
How to Register on Sportpesa

You’re probably new to Sportpesa and you need to make some money betting well we have got you some tips on how to register on Sportpesa.

Sportpesa is the fastest growing betting site in Kenya. Sportpesa is operated and owned by Pevan EA Limited. It has gained many customers and users since World Cup 2014. Sportpesa has outrun many other betting sites to stand out. However the only downosde of Sportpesa is that it only allows for a minimum of 100bob to place a bet.
Here are steps you need to follow while registering on Sportpesa.  It just as easy as you think. You cab register via SMS or Mobile Site.

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Registering via SMS
You can register on SPortpesa using SMS. So what should you follow or what steps should you take when you want to register via SMS?

Step 1

To register for Sportpesa account, you need to read the Terms and COnditions of Sportpesa before registering. After you have read and are sure to proceed well, text “ACCEPT” to 79079.

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Step 2

You will receive a confirmation message which will provide you with the your Username, PIN and particular mobile operator Paybill.

e.g. Your username is: 0733XXXYYY. Your PIN is 1234.Your Web password is 123456 To top up use Paybill: SportPesa
Step 3

Login to you account. You can placebet via SMS too. Enjoy the Game

Registering Online/Mobile Site
Click on the Join Now button on the home page.

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Please read the Terms and Conditions and fill in all the Fields and click the “Get Verification Code” button or alternatively Already have a code?

Finish registration if you have already received the VERIFICATION CODE. Verify your account

Step 2

Fill in your Phone Number and the Verification Code SENT TO YOU MOBILE NO. and click the “Finish Registration” button

Step 3

A confirmation Message appears, which confirms your successful registration.

Thats How to Register on Sportpesa


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  1. Very simple n good steps theoritically,but a real headache practicaly.I’ve tried countless time with no success,i got many codes but can’t login!

  2. HI! does sportpesa have customercare? i have trouble loging in, i forgot my password and whe i enter my detail to forgot wour password icon i get a message of this user does not exist. Then i go to sign up, i put in my details i and claim that this user already exist.. please advise cause i want to start betting

  3. I have bet a game but i did not get any confirmation yestaday and even today i have made a bet with manu game id is 8635 what can be the problem my no is 0700623761

  4. I had already registered for sportpesa but forgot my account particulars . please help me recover my account details to enable me bet. My phone number is +254721707106.…or advice me on how to recover it.

  5. I forgot my sportpesa password,and when I select forgot password and follow the steps nothing happens,I have tried so many times and it’s not working,so please help me coz the final step of resting password does not work

  6. i forgot my sportpesa password line number 0737111189 please assist me get back betting using that line

    • Hi Florence, you should reset the password from where you will need your PIN. if you forgot the pin just send CHANGE PIN 5555 to 79079 that’s 5555 is a new pin or your choice

  7. i have tried since morning creating an account but its all seems its vain ,
    i even called customer care its the same its indicating me that confirmation code already sent which i have not yet received any one help me and register 0701885585 thanks

  8. hi we have the problem of forgetting passwords due to the password is chosen for us by sportpesa company so please change this system and let the customers prefer their password

  9. Comment:someone use my phone to register on sportpesa how can I get all details ,pin,password, username and all requirements to renew

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