​The same story for GG outcome you can also place an over and under spread alongside total number of goals in the entire match.

OV (Over)  is a bet market where the match result is supposed to be above your chosen number of goals for you to emerge a winner. 


O2.5 means that in the entire match the outcome of the goals regardless of the team that scores is above 2. 

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Place Under and Over Bet on Betin Kenya

You will be a winner only if the total goals are 3 and above. 

UN (Under) is a bet market where the total goals are spread under or below the given number. 


U2.5 means that the entire match result should be blow 3 goals. That’s if the result is 1-1, 2-0, 1-0,0-0 you are a winner. 

STEP 1: Identify the match ID

Pick up a match ID for your favorite game of the day. E.g. 7542 as a match ID for Chelsea vs Leicester City. The outcome was 2-2 meaning the total number of goals in that match was 4. An UN2.5 would have rendered you a loser. An OV2.5 bet would have made you a winner. 

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STEP 2: Send an SMS with the Format Below to 29456

MatchID#Result#Stake to 29456.

For example, the Chelsea vs Leicester City match better would have been an Over 2.5 bet. Have a look at this

 7542#O2.5#300 to 29456

where 300 is the stake or amount you risk and O2.5 signifies over 2.5 match result. 

STEP 3: Confirmation Message


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Betin Kenya will send you a confirmation message for your successfully placed bet and possible returns.