How to place Correct Score Jackpot Bet on Betin Kenya via SMS


Betin Kenya has a couple of bet markets and among them there’s a bigger chance to win big money on Betin Kenya jackpots. Betin Kenya has a number of jackpots. A normal three-way jackpot bet and the correct score jackpot bet.

In this article, it is a how to article that is here to inform you about how to place a correct score jackpot bet on Betin Kenya. 

How to Place Correct Score Jackpot bet on Betin Kenya via SMS

What is a Correct Score Jackpot Bet?

The correct score jackpot bet is a type of bet that has a large amount of money incase you emerge victorious. 

You need to give correct scores for the matches that are given. And if all your outcomes are true, you will be a winner. 

Betin Kenya Correct Score Jackpot (How to place a single bet)

Step 1: Send an SMS in the format below to 29456

JP2#Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result to 29456.




 where the numbers are the possible outcomes of the matches

Step 2: Confirmation Message

You will receive a confirmation message from Betin Kenya of your jackpot bet and your predictions.

Confirmation Jackpot Bet ID JP2#10*21*11*11*01*21*32. Stake Ksh 50. Good luck!”

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