Betin Kenya is a web based betting platform that features a couple of markets. Betin provides live betting a bet market that allows you to bet on live matches. In this tutorial you will learn how to place a Multibet on Betin via SMS. 

It is a step by step guide on how to place a multibet on Betin Kenya via SMS. 

Step 1: Identify Match IDs

A match ID is a match identifier that is assigned to each match. It’s unique for that single match that can be used when placing bet via SMS. For instance if Feyenoord vs Zorya Lugansk match ID is 2352 and Hamburg SV vs Barcelona match ID is 6825. West Ham sv AFC Wimbledon match ID 3244. To place a Multibet on the two teams you will need those match IDs of the game matches. 

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place your multibet on Betin Kenya via SMS
Step 2: Identify the teams to bet on

Identifying the teams you need to place a bet on will give you the numbers for the outcomes. The outcomes are 3-way that’s home win (1), draw (x)  and away win (2).

Step 3: SMS the word 

“MatchID#Result#MatchID#Result#MatchID#Result#Amount” to 29456

The above is a format through which you can use to place W Multibet via SMS. Using our match IDs above the bet will look like this. In our picks we take Feyenoord to win at home (1) and Barcelona to win away (2). And West Ham draws with AFC Wimbledon (x) and we use Ksh 500.

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Our bet will look like this:


Step 4 – You will receive a confirmation message from us:

“Confirmation Bet ID ****, X#1#2. Stake Ksh 500. Potential Winnings ***. Good Luck!”

Now that you know go on and place your multibet on Betin Kenya via SMS