How to Place A bet via SMS in Elitebet


Nowadays it’s about online gambling. Forget about those times when you were to be present at the betting site or at the gambling site in order to place a bet. Several bad things will happen at the scene. Probably upon winning some goons can decide that you won’t leave with their money.

But that has changed, changed very fast and now you can place your stake by online or even using your phone’s SMS service. Several sites have been created for sports betting and they include; sportpesa, elitebet, justbet and many others.

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Here is a procedure on how to place a bet via SMS in EliteBet Kenya. However you can also place a bet via web through their url/website



Ensure that you have topped up your account. That is you’ve deposited money to place as stake.


Visit the EliteBet website and note down the betting match codes for specific games that you wanna bet or place your stake at. Be sure to record them down accurately so you don’t miss out on anything or mistype a code which will ruin your bet.


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Usually there’s either home win, draw or away win. In the match result bet a Home Win is #1, an Away Win is #2 and a Draw is #0. This shows how you should bet for the home team as #1 and away team as #2 and for a draw you need to bet as #0.


You have to include your betting stake in your sms too. For instance if you want to place a stake of 100 for a match whose match code is Let’s say 30424 (not a real match code) then your bet SMS will be start with the match code, followed by hash (#) then your choice that’s a bet i.e. (#1, #2, #0).

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For example if you’re betting for a home team, your bet will be as follows:-


Then Send an SMS with your bet as above to the number 29210


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