How to pay your Startimes Bills via Airtel Money

How to pay your Startimes Bills via Airtel Money

Surely, Mobile Money has been a revolution in the way payments are made. Do you imaging those times when you had to take the money physically or trust someone to send it out to the person you wanted? That was a bit hectic and also you would incur additional costs aside. OK mobile money too has some charges for using the but am glad it is here and payments are now advanced not like before. I wasn’t meant to talk about mobile money here. So to our main subject,how to pay your startimes bills via Airtel Money.

Airtel Money hasn’t taken such root to change the way Mobile Money works around. Only Mpesa can do that. But here now I would like to show those little airtel Money users how to pay their startimes bills via Airtel Money.

Below is a procedure outlined out that will give you an answer and a way on how to renew your subscriptions and pay additional startimes bills via airtel money.

First thing first, Go to your SIM Toolkit or services then Select Airtel on your phone.
Proceed over to select Airtel Money in order to be able to transact with your Airtel Moeny account and remember you need to be a registered Airtel Money user.

Select to Make Payments Option

Select Pay Bill

Then what you have to is Select Others

Enter the Business Name


Enter your StarTimes SmartCard Number as the account number

Enter the total amount you want to send or pay to the mentioned business above.

Enter your secret Airtel Money PIN

You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from Airtel Money confirming that indeed you have payment a given amount to the business you entered.

Wait to also receive a complimentary confirmation SMS from StarTimes acknowledging receipt of your startimes bills.


That  short tutorial or procedure lets you understand how to pay your startimes bills via Airtel Money.

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