How to pay for Zuku Subscription via Pesapoint ATM


Zuku is one of the fastest growing satellite TV and pay TV. This gives users access to multiple premium charges upon payment of the chosen bouquet or package.


Here is a procedure of how to pay for your Zuku bills via Pesapoint ATM.



ATM Payment Instructions
Procedure 1:
Insert and remove your payment card, then select your preferred language. The language you’re well conversant with.

Procedure 2:
Enter your PIN.

Choose the “Purchase/Payment” option from the menu. Depending on what you want to do.

Procedure 4:
Choose “Make a Payment” option on the screen menu.

Procedure 5:
Choose “Pay a Bill”.

Procedure 6:
Put in the code for the Zuku Bill you want to pay.

Procedure 7:
Enter your Zuku Client Code as listed on your Zuku bill.

Procedure 8:
Enter your preferred phone number.

Procedure 9:
Select the product you wish to pay for.

Procedure 10:
Enter the amount you want to pay. Please make that you must have sufficient funds in your account to facilitate this payment.

Procedure 11:
Verify that the details are correct and confirm payment.

Procedure 12:
Process is complete; please ensure that you take your receipt as it contains important information about your payment.

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