How to Pay for Blaze Kenya BYOB Submits


If you have been keen enough you very well understand or have heard of this thing called Blaze Kenya. Basically Blaze Kenya is a platform that diversifies the ability of the youth and also provides them with affordable and outstanding deals.  For instance, Blaze Kenya has their own subscription package that allows you to use just small amount of money. 

All that Blaze Kenya has organized submits which are youth mentorship symposiums providing youth on opportunity to be mentored by successful personalities. Blaze Kenya submit is headed to Nakuru.  So you can head there and learn, meet people, get entertained and other stuff. 

How to Pay for the Blaze Kenya BYOB submits

The core aim of this article is to provide you with a procedure on how to pay for Blaze Kenya BYOB summits. BYOB stands for Be Your Own Boss. Go through the tutorial and be in the know. 

Blaze Kenya BYOB Ticket

Blaze Kenya


  1. Go to M-PESA Menu on your phone. Just located the SIM ToolKit and choose Safaricom, then M-PESA.
  2. Select LIPA NA M-PESA option. 
  3. Choose PAYBILL on the next menu after Lipa na M-pesa. 
  4. Enter Summit PAYBILL Number: 964850
  5. Enter the Account Number for the Blaze Kenya Summit you would like to attend: Nakuru: 8070Nairobi: 1208Kisumu: 2406Mombasa: 2907
  6. Confirm your transaction through the Safaricom Hakikisha.
  7. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Submit
  8. Keep your confirmation SMS safe. 
  9. Carry your ID to the venue of the Blaze Kenya submit to verify purchase.
  10. Ticket Price is redeemable for airtime or merchandise.

So basically that’s a kind of procedure that allows you to pay for blaze Kenya Summit using your M-PESA.


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