How to hide last seen in WhatsApp


WhatsApp comes with various features within itself. Privacy is key and to ensure this is enhanced WhatsApp has privacy settings.

Here is how to limit who sees the last time you were online.

1. After opening WhatsApp application on your phone press the menu button. On some smartphones it is located at the top right corner while others you can use the menu button on their phones.

WhatsApp menu

2. Click on Settings under the menu and it will bring you all that appears on the image below. Help, Profile, Account etc.



  1. Touch on account and there it will provide the options under account menu. Click on privacy.


4. Upon clicking on Privacy button a new menu appears with the following last seen, profile photo, status etc.


5. Click on last seen to change who sees the last time you were online. You can show it to everyone,  your contacts or completely nobody. That’s for you to decide.