How to enable or disable sounds in Facebook Android app


Many people are purchasing android smartphones in this era of time. And for anyone who loves social media they cannot lack the Facebook app for Android installed on their phones.

You’re that kind of guy who finds it cool to have a tone of your choice or no tone/sound at all from your app whenever you receive a notification about something or when getting a message on Facebook.

It is very simple now on how to enable or disable your facebook notification sounds from your phone for sometimes they get too hectic moreso when in a meeting or you’re in a busy place. Everyone will wish to control how everything works around them. So this is the chance to learn or know how to enable and disable such notification sounds.

DIsable FB SoundsIn order to disable the you need to open your phone that’s your android phone

  1. Open the menu icon (usually located at the top right of your Facebook app.

  2. Scroll down all the way to app settings

  3. While there touch the button that shows sounds are either on or off.

That’s very simple way and now to disable you just follow the same process only what changes is turning on the sounds or off.

In the event you were simply looking to change the notification sound, you’re nearly there, too.

Facebook Notification

  1. Open the menu icon (top right, looks like three horizontal lines)
  2. Scroll to app settings
  3. Scroll down to Notification ringtone
  4. Pick the tone of your choice which you deem might be the best for yourself.


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