How to do a Business Name Search

For one to register a business name, you must first search for them in the Registrar of Companies in Nairobi’s Sheria House. You cannot register a business that has already been registered by someone else. A business name search is useful in searching for existence of a business premise with similar name. A business name search can be done through the registrar of companies or through the Attorney General’s office. In this post you will learn how to do a business name search on eCitizen.

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To do a business name search first you must research before doing the name search. You won’t be surprised that there’s someone else as creative as you and already picked that name. Come up with a cool business name that you want to register.

A business name search costs Kshs. 150 that is Kshs. 100 plus the convinience fee of Kshs. 50 placed on every transaction by the company that designed and build eCitizen.

Procedure on How to do a Business Name Search on eCitizen

First of all, you must be registered on the eCitizen Portal. If you are not yet registered visit and click on create account, proceed to click on Kenyan Citizen. Enter your national ID number and first name usually the Christian name. Click on Validate to have eCitizen verify your ID against your name.

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Login to the eCitizen Portal and proceed to click on Business Registration Service (BRS) tab.

You will be directed to the Business Registration Portal. Upon accessing the Business Registration Service (BRS) Portal, click on Make Application.

A pop up appears showing you the possible applications you can make.

Click on Name Search and Reservation to do a Business Name Search on eCitizen.

How to do a Business name search on eCitizen


Click on Apply Now, and remember the value to pay in order to do a business name search on eCitizen is Kshs. 150 and can be paid through Mobile Money transfer services such as MPESA, Airtel Money etc. Check out the MPESA Charges 2018.

How to do a Business name search on eCitizen

Provide all details as required with some little description of business name. The description is not a MUST hence you can still omit it. Make sure you fill out the preferred Business Name.

How to do a Business name search on eCitizen

Proceed to confirm that the information given is correct and click on Finish to be redirected to the payment page as shown.


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