How to Check Lipa na MPESA Charges for Business Number


Have you ever run out of enough money to pay your bills. Or you only have exact amount but don’t have the sending charges? Well Lipa na MPESA service offers it to their customers but then there are charged incurred by common user who pay for them. These charges run from 0 to up to 400 depending on the type of Paybill or company you’re paying to. So is it possible to check lipa na mpesa charges before handling any transaction to be sure? Yes and in this article we talk about how to check lipa na mpesa charges for any Paybill number in Kenya.

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This also applies to certain till numbers which are not free. Companies who allows for free payment to their paybill or business number often foot those charges by the service provider.

The procedure on how to check lipa na mpesa charges for any business number is just simple. It involves the use of an USSD code provided by Safaricom for any help including requesting Mpesa mini statements. Below is the procedure outlined.

Things to Note before Checking

  • MUST have a Safaricom Line (MPESA registered) of course
  • Must have a working typing pad (keypad) number keypad.
  • Know the short code or USSD which is *234# for the service.
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The Procedure

Open Your Phone’s phone icon for smartphone users and dial *234# or just directly dial *234# on feature or button phones.

How to check lipa na mpesa charges

Upon running the above USSD code you will be brought to a menu where you can choose option 2 (two) My Mpesa Information.

How to check lipa na mpesa charges

Then proceed to the next step where you will select option number 2 (Tariff Query)

How to check lipa na mpesa charges

You will be provided with a menu with around 6 items where you have to choose one and more specifically number 5 (Lipa na Mpesa).

How to check lipa na mpesa charges

Similarly the option will provide your with a box to Key in your business number or till number. E.g. 321500 for Clinical officers Council (CoC)

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How to check lipa na mpesa charges

How to check lipa na mpesa charges

Then enter the amount you are paying or the amount you want to inquire about e.g. 5,000.

How to check lipa na mpesa charges

You will then be provided with the charges that you will have to pay.

How to check lipa na mpesa charges

To pay 5000 to the Clinical Officers Council you will need additional 83 Bob to handle the transaction.

Simple Procedure

  • Dial *234#
  • Choose 2 for My Mpesa Information
  • Choose option 2 for Tariff Query
  • Choose option 5 for Lipa na Mpesa
  • Enter Business Number e.g. 321500 for CoC
  • You will be offered the charges instantly.


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