How to Change your Sportpesa PIN
How to Change your Sportpesa PIN

Personal Identification Numbers or information is essentail and should be kept safe. I have received a couple of calls and text messages regarding this whole isssue of sportpesa pin. So today I turn to write an article on how to change your SportPesa PIN incase you forgot it. It is not very easy to change your password on sportpesa unless you remember your PIN so this will be really great in helping many people out who have probably lost their SPortpesa accounts due to forgetting the SportPesa PIN.

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How to Change your Sportpesa PIN

Don’t worry now because at Reviews Tabloid we got your back on this. And incase you haven’t yet joined Sportpesa it is not yet late to start making free money. Just text ACCEPT#0702847413 to 79079 and wait to start making a living out of it.

Remember that to register if you haven’t used the above text method you can read through a tutorial about how to register on sportpesa. We have also a couple of tutorial like how to place a bet via SMS and a couple tips that you can access through our website.

How to Change your Sportpesa PIN
How to Change your Sportpesa PIN

Back to the main cause of this article about how to change your Sportpesa PIN in case you just forgot it. The procedure is really simple an am gonna show how and why I refer to it as simple. Just text the code below to 79079.

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CHANGE PIN 4444(your new PIN) to 79079

Before sending out the message above to 79079 consider this:

4444 is your desired PIN in this case I just use 4444 so please change it to a PIN of your choice to keep it as secure as possible.

I guess this tutorial will help many individuals who have forgotten their Sportpesa Personal Identification Information such as PIN butsureenough there’s always a way out and this is for changing sportpesa PIN.

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