How to block numbers using Truecaller


Often at some point in life there are irritating kind of people who disturb you every minute with their calls. With truecaller installed you can be able to know who the person is and also it gives you the option of blocking those you hate. Here is a little procedure of how to block numbers using truecaller.

1) Open the Truecaller application.


2) Select the Call Filter tab which is the fourth option from the left.


3) Tap on the  + icon as shown in the screenshot


4) Select Add Number, you can also select add from Call log if you wish.



5) Enter the number and name of the person you wish to block. Look at the example below to get an idea of what I am trying to say.Truecaller-6

6) Hit the OK Button and you will see the number you added in the Blacklist. It will take a while to process, so be patient.

That’s it, you have now blocked a number using Truecaller, alternatively, you can go to Settings->Block Calls and SMS

I hope that after going through this short tutorial you’re now capable or know how to block numbers using truecaller app.

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