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Nowadays to apply for whatever job you need several compliance certificates. These include HELB Clearance, EACC, KRA Tax Compliance Certificate and many more. But do you really know how you can apply the KRA Tax compliance certificate? If Yes then proceed on to do the application or just read on for the fun of it. Otherwise we hope you learn how to apply for a KRA Tax Compliance Certificate.

Things you Need to Get a Tax Compliance Certificate

To apply for a KRA Tax Compliance Certificate, you will need several things set and ready to go. If you want it like immediately, then also there are those few things you got to do to get through.

  • Ensure your are registered by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  • Your ID Card copy
  • Your KRA PIN No.
  • Email Address registered with your KRA Pinno
  • No liabilities like unpaid taxes on your account
  • Your iTax portal password (don’t worry about this, you can reset it at an instance)
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The Steps on how to Apply for a KRA Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Online

Step One

You will need to login to Kenya Revenue Authority’s iTax Portal by visiting www.itax.kra.go.ke and make sure you have your KRA PIN with you as it will be used here in step one.

How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate

After opening the web portal, do this, the page will be as shown below so be keen to enter your KRA PINNO in the field shown below and click on continue.

How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate

After clicking on Continue you will be prompted for your iTax Password. Enter your passcode and key in the summation of the numbers shown and click on Login to be redirected to the KRA Portal.

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How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate
Enter your KRA PIN and your password then do the summation of the security stamp

If your password is correct and you have provided the correct answer to the security stamp you will be redirected to the itax portal dashboard. If you don’t know your passsword, click on Forgot Password or Unlock account the key in your KRA PIN No.

How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate
This is the iTax Portal Dashboard.

Access the certificates menu from the above menu provided. Don’t click the name Certificates, but hover on it to reveal the kind of certificates to click on.

How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate

The TCC Application

Click on Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) and if you already applied click on Consult and Print TCC. After the page loads you will be provided a page with your KRA PIN and your names as registered in the iTax System.

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Provide the reason as to why you are applying for the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) e.g. for Job Application, Company registration etc.

How to Apply KRA Tax Compliance Certificate

Click on Submit and be keen to print the Acknowledgement receipt. Proceed with the receipt to the nearest KRA offices to have it effected. The Tax Compliance Certificate comes back to your email address registered with itax system.

Thank you. hope by now you know how to apply for a KRA Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).


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