Ever wanted to get notifications of whatever person tried calling you? If you don’t set this then literally you won’t know if anyone tried looking for you over the phone. You might be in an area whose network coverage is so poor and you just need to know the numbers of people who tried out your phone. You might be in a meeting and you don’t want to be disturbed because it is so official.

You need to set your cell phone number to be able to receive texts of whoever tried calling you when you were unavailable. This way you can get back to them when you got the time and money. Or maybe you’ve gone to church and you don’t want your phone to be the reason that holds you back from going to heaven, switching it off will be a good idea because you know you will be informed of those who tried calling you.

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The procedure of how to activate Safaricom voicemail service is so easy and cheap. It doesn’t cost you anything apart from a few key clicks that will get you going. We also go ahead to provide an option by which you can get rid of the voice mail service. When you no longer want to receive voicemail messages of who tried calling you; we have a solution for that too.

Safaricom Voicemail is completely free so don’t fear that you will be charged for this service. Apart from alerting you when people try calling you when you’re unreachable, still they can leave a voice message that can also be retrieved for free by dialing 111.

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how to activate Safaricom Voicemail

Here is how to activate Safaricom Voicemail service when unreachable.

Step 1: You need a Safaricom SIM card and for the best practice get a 4G enabled SIM card; if you’re using an Old sim card go replace it so you’re not left behind on the 4G network.

Step 2: Make sure you line or number is activated and at least you have ever topped up after registering it. You know it is illegal to own an unregistered sim card in Kenya.

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Step 3: To activate Safaricom Voicemail dial **62*0722122# you will be treated to a push message that you have activated voice mail when unreachable.

Step 4: To deactivate it is not any harder. It is only harder when cramming the numbers associated with deactivation. To do that dial ##62#.
Finally, I think you now understand how this done. You can now go on and activate or deactivate your Voice mail service with Safaricom Kenya.