The Kenya Blog Awards Gala Event happened yesterday at the Hotel Intercontinental. There has been a difference in how it works. How the 2015 Kenya Blog Awards has been a success.

First things first, this is the first time that BAKE has tried out its best to only allow a person to vote once. Rather important isn’t? Imagine a point where you expect fairness and someone can vote for themselves even more than 1000 times. That’s awful I can say. BAKE tried and now they got it of those who often voted for themselves. Congratulations Kenya Bloggers Association.

Secondly, this is the first time BAKE Awards voting registered the highest number of votes cast as total. That is now inspiring and gives hope to work more. With a total of 151,309 votes cast, it is the first time and promising as compared to last years 56,982 votes.

BAKE also registered a high number of sponsors for the 2015 Kenya Blog Awards. The sponsors for the event include Airtel Kenya, Infinix Kenya, Tecno, Hivos, Orange, NIC Bank, X-News and Xpose. These partners saw that the event was a success.

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NIC Bank on its part also promised to sponsor the best business blog which went to the Kenya Business Ideas ( A good initiative isn’t it?

Airtel Kenya the Gold Sponsors of the Gala Event also has done a greater part including sponsoring ads for the BAKE apprenticeship program. Apart from that Airtel has also promised that it will start a blog and that content creators should contact Airtel for more about the blog and how they can create content for their blog.

Well, it is really a good move which I would recommend with a 10/10 by Bloggers Association of Kenya for recognizing and awarding the best Blogs and content creators in every blog category.

BAKE has also carried out sensitization programs and trainings on blogging and social media through out various counties such as Bungoma, Law and Social Media training in Kisumu, Machakos, Nakuru.

KTN Kenya also did a great job by allowing people to stream live the Gala Event at the Hotel Intercontinental.

That’s How the 2015 Kenya Blog Awards has been a success.

Read about the BAKE 2015 Winners. If you need to see the Total Votes Tally Click Here