Food security as such is an integral part in any government. Majority of Kenyans do use food that is grown locally by themselves. Many do not realize enough produce to take them through the yearly cycle. And this has even made many farmers to do two seasons of planting in a single year and this does affect the soil fertility and there’s no time for rest. Technology in almost all ways has and will always be used to add value and improve crop yields. But how can technology be used to improve yields of small scaler farmers in Kenya?

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Many farmers in Western and any other parts of Kenya do not employ any form of technology in their farming. From ploughing, planting, weeding and harvesting too. Pests infest their crops and mostly last year but farmers have no technical knowhow on handling pests. These is so bad for farming mostly on the side of small scale farming.

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Any country that has enough resources when it comes to food security, is always prepared with use of technology in farming. Kenya, on its side claims to have invested in farming by setting up irrigation schemes e.g. the Bura – Galana scheme. A problem is that, funds are driven into such projects that the output is never quantified and these are the areas where technology can be used to better and improve foods supply in Kenya.

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Cotton Irrigation

In developing worlds and Kenya being in these category, citizens struggle to handle farming even if there’s sufficient rainfall. However, they fail to yield and give desirable results. Why? No technology is simply applied here. What farmers do is just their routinely, planting where some even don’t use seeds certified. Other farmers go for products which are in no way certified because they lack many to go for good seeds.


Technology use in farming

A government that invests in farming will never suffer in terms of food security. A country is seen as growing if the country hardly faces food crisis. Kenya is nowhere near this. The government can still up technology input, from machinery, resources and even inputs. We can level up this menace of food security if the government does the right thing.

Meanwhile do you think technology application in farming can improve yields? You can engage us.


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