How much data do you incur while WhatsApp Calling?

For now, the WhatsApp Voice Calling quality is not that good and clear, so it seems that the developers will need to work more on it.

According to a report, a minute of WhatsApp will “eat” around 0.15-0.20MB of 3G data. With other words, for a WhatsApp Voice Call that lasts 5 minute, you will use around 1MB of 3G data. It seems that Voice Calls made on 3G work pretty well, but when the connection is 2G, there is a lot of lag going on.

At the same time, a minute of WhatsApp Voice Call on 2G will “eat” around 0.35MB, which is way higher than on 3G. So those whose phones lack the capabilities of broadcasting 3G signals will have it rough or will revert back to the voice calling carriers.

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