Charging Station Surge Protector Puts the Halt to Phantom Power Waste

Technology is a good thing, just ask your cell phone. But everything with technology can’t be a cell phone with powers that include sending pictures, text messages, voice gossip – doubles as a pool table, bowling alley and a GPS. One thing for sure, everything that powers up – needs to charge up – and that costs money, energy, and carbon.

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Along with the technology that allows one ratchet mouth the talk to another ( truckers talk ), we should also use technology that allows one appliance to talk or communicate with another ( college degree talk ).

Count the number of appliances and electronic devices you have:

  • TVs, stereos, game boards, game anything
  • DVDs, cell phones, surround sound, amplifiers
  • Microwaves, toasters, and computers
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What is Phantom Power

And chances are, you have them all plugged in all the time. Almost all electronic devices and modern appliances use electricity even when they’re turned off – this is called phantom power.

Phantom power is the usage of electricity by a device even when the device is turned off. Modern electronic devices and modern appliances have fans, digital indicator lights, clocks, timers, capacitors and other parts that simply use electricity, all the time, to keep you informed of it’s current state of operation, etc.

How to Stop Phantom Power

Of course, you can stop phantom power waste by unplugging the offending device. Pull the plug at the wall and there is no more phantom. Or, you can purchase a radio built in the 1940’s and then the off switch means off. You can purchase recently developed electronics like the Sony flat screen T.V. that has the ability to sense that no-one is watching it so it turns itself off. But, there just might be a better way to keep the phantom from taking a bite out of your power bill.

A special surge protector strip has been developed and ready for you to purchase at your favorite store. The surge protector power strip the fights phantom power usage is often referred to as a Charging Station Surge Protector. They look like a regular surge protector strip except two or three of the outlets are usually colored red or yellow.

How does a Charging Station Surge Protector work?

The non-colored outlets on the strip are the same as on any regular surge protector. They are on all the time except when the surge protector is turned off or unplugged from the wall. The difference is in the colored outlets on the strip. When you plug a device into a colored outlet, the strip then recognizes when the device is turned off and is only using phantom power and the strip then automatically stops supplying all power to that outlet and phantom power usage is stopped.

The colored outlet then can recognize when the device that is plugged into it is turned back on and the outlet is again supplied with electricity and the device is turned on and operates normally.

Charging Station Surge Protectors should be the only kind of power strip you have. There should be one behind the T.V. – one in the DVD, stereo, surround sound cabinet, and one on the floor behind the computer and printer desk. To save energy, visit the store and for about $20 bucks you can stop a phantom.


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