Houses Built using Plastic Bottles

A project in Nigeria has employed the use of used plastic bottles to build houses. The plastic bottle in a big way works to help to lower the cost of building and by clearing empty bottles, it helps also has a greater impact when it comes to environmental conservation and sustainability.


The bottles being non-biodegradable the only way to use them is through recycling and building houses with them seems to be the better idea of all for it uses many bottles at one time.

A house made entirely of plastic bottles is ideal in many ways since:-

  • Saves the energy
  • Saves the money 1/3 of the cost of constructing a brick house
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Cleans the environment etc.
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The bottles are obtained through picking from the streets and collected from rubbish dump-sites which at many times are usually full and dirty and also non-decomposed due to the much plastics in it and non-biodegradable substances.


This kind of technology even though it doesn’t use machinery it has a greater impact and its effects can be felt in the field of environment and climate change.

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Bottled House Plastered wall

The Plastic bottles after being collected are then packed or filled with solid with soil or sand and laid top of each other then bound together with mud and a piece of stronger string.


According to it’s design the bottles are capable of absorbing pressure that might be brought about by earthquakes hence they act as shock absorbers too. They too reduce the strength and power of bullets if incase the house was sprayed with bullets.

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A finished product of bottled houses in Africa

The project also creates job opportunities for those that are unemployed. A house made of plastic bottles costs a third of a normal house. This an idea for anyone looking to build a house in Africa cheaply while looking for a better environment in which he/she wants to live in.

Houses made of plastic bottles