HiOS is a Tecno Mobile customized user interface for their devices. It first debuted on the Tecno Boom J8 with an OTA update for those who would want to use it on Tecno Camon C8. Tecno HiOS is a better designed UI built based on Android 5.1 Lollipop with the aim of giving users a new feel.  Starting from custom fonts,  wallpapers, themes,  hi manager, harassment block and so forth. I would actually comment Tecno Mobile on this great move to stand out and have their own UI for their phones. HiOS joins the likes of XUI by Infinix and gives Tecno users a  thing to smile and laugh about on Tecno smartphones.

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I would indeed be pleased of my phone having a user interface in this case the HiOS thsn downloading a third party user interface or launcher like Nova Launcher, apex launcher,  go launcher, and so many others. One thing about them generally is, they have premium versions.  And also they won’t provide what a custom UI can do.

HiOS has worked on the camera interface. Even though it has some setbacks, it is neatly done. Having three modes at the lower end where you choose the video tab to record videos plus you can pause a video while recording and resume it later. The other modes are the photo capture mode. The first allows you to capture complete full photo while the other one you can capture square pictures.

Here is the Camera interface in HiOS

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The camera app also has a feature that allows you to whiten you picture and also soften it while shooting it. One thing that misses is the white balance that allows you to switch between different color modes,  if monochrome (black on white) , fluorescent or daylight. I believe since this being the version one,  we will see upgrades of the UI being more friendly.

Tecno HiOS is no longer available on Tecno Boom J8 alone,  it is also available via OTA or OTG for Tecno Camon C8 and on Tecno L8 that’s due to launch this month. Find out what Tecno phone runs on Marshmallow.

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Below are the features and specifications of the HiOS whose debut was on Tecno Boom J8

  • Hi Fonts
  • Hi Wallpapers
  • Hi Manager
    • Mobile Clean up
    • Bandwidth management
    • Harassment Block
    • Autostart management
    • App Management
  • Hi Theme
  • Power Save Management etc.

Hi Fonts
It is quite pretty to chance the font and feel of characters on your phone. This will make you completely love and like the elegance of the device theme.  Hi Font allows you to change from the default font to any custom font you would like. You can apply those available or download others from the online tab.  Local ones are those that are already installed.

Hi Wallpapers
Hi Wallpapers is a feature that brings a couple of beautiful wallpapers onto your device. Plus you can download other wallpapers from the online store if you don’t like the system wallpapers.  Also you can change with your Gallery pictures as wallpapers.

Hi Wallpapers allows you to change Home wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper or both at the same time. It features something else called Wallpaper Swap.  Wallpaper Swap allows you to automatically change the wallpaper from those already in the system. Upon reaching the one you like, you can stop swapping through them.

Hi Manager
This is the center point of the HiOS UI.  Hi Manager contains a couple of functions that you can use. It is like the core of the HiOS.  It brings on board quick accelerator for freeing up your used RAM that’s the system resources.


They include;-

  • Mobile Clean Up
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Harassment Block
  • App Management
  • Autostart Management

Mobile Clean Up
This generally deals with freeing up space on your device.  It cleans unnecessary app data and junk files from the system. It also frees up the memory and RAM for better performance. Mobile Clean Up does rid remnants of installation packages,  uninstall remains, trash within the system and system logs. 

Relying on third party apps that are ad-oriented on cleaning up junk files like Clean Master, Du Battery for battery management consumes system resources that would rather be used for other purposes. HiOS provides a solution for you.

Bandwidth Management
Bandwidth Manager allows you to keep a  clean track of the amount of data you’re using.  It allows you to set daily usage and monthly usage. When the limit is reached, you can set it to automatically disconnect your data. You can also set your data plan monthly in this case.

Bandwidth Management HiOS experience

It also allows you to display the internet speed at the status bar closer to the network icons.  Bandwidth management also allows you to disable certain apps from using your data.

Harassment Block
There a couple of annoying people here and there.  HiOS through Harassment Block allows you to block their messaged and calls. The Harassment Block feature a night anti-disturb mode that can automatically disconnect all calls between the times you set if 2300Hrs – 0600Hrs.

App Management
App Management does a couple of things apart from uninstalling, it also does app freezing and notification management.

Notification Management lets you disable notifications from apps you do not want notified about.

App uninstall lets uninstall the apps that you don’t want in the phone’s system. On the other hand app freeze disables system apps that you rarely use.  Hence freeing up system resources.

Autostart Management
Autostart Management allows you to prohibit some apps from being Autostart apps.  Having many apps auto starting will consume so much resources even booting will take longer.

Power Save Management
Power Management is a feature that should not miss in any phone.  This manages your battery hence giving your phone a longer standby time and talk time.  HiOS Power Management has two modes;  the Battery Saver Mode and Ultra Power Save Mode. You will not need apps like Du Battery to manage your power usage.  What you need is just your phone running on HiOS that’s all.

Battery Saver Mode
This mode disables a couple of features but not all to extend battery life.  The mode can be set to change automatically based on remaining percentage. Starts at 75%, 50%, 30%, 15%, and 5%.

Ultra Power Save
This mode disables everything except key features like Hi Messages,  Phone/Calls, Recorder. It changes everything to black on white. It is a real battery save mode. You won’t turn on data at this stage or take pictures with phone cameras.  You can also not play music or videos.

Hi Messages
This is the message application that comes with HiOS.  It is similar to SMS application that come with our phones. One thing that has been added is the SMS schedule. It allows you to schedule messages to be send.

Message scheduling in Tecno HiOS user interface

Drop Down Menu
The drop down menu for the HiOS is properly designed.  Looks elegant and lovely. However, there’s an issue with the drop down menu that should be solved.  There’s a lag in popping down the menu.  I hope this will be solved soon since this is the first HiOS release.

I generally love HiOS system user interface. There are few problems here and there that I hope will be resolved soon by the Tecno Mobile team to make it very slick and really faster. Otherwise it is a good user interface.  I love it on my Tecno Boom J8. It is better than many launchers and custom UIs.

What’s you opinion or take on this?

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