TECNO Mobile users were anticipating for a flagship from the brand this year. Tecno users expected a Phantom 7 as it is the number immediate just after the Tecno Phantom 6 but this is not the case. Several blog owners and tech writers have gone ahead to suggest possible reasons as to why Tecno Mobile have skipped the version 7 in their flagship series.

Various images by Tecno Mobile showing the launch date were a true reflection of a Phantom 8 with the digit lodged within the image just visible. We might see the Phantom 7 later possibly next year or it might just launch silently into the market. Several brands have already done their part with their 2017 flagship devices but others like Tecno Mobile and Infinix are yet to unleash theirs. Infinix we might be seeing the Zero 5 this year and Tecno will have their Phantom 8 and 8 Plus.

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Here is why Tecno Mobile are skipping Phantom 7 to launch Phantom 8

And in this article we outline the possible reasons as to why Tecno Mobile will be skipping Tecno Phantom 7 for Phantom 8 and either of them can be the real reason or simply both can hold water.

Techweez have their version of explanation as to why Tecno Mobile are skipping the much expected Tecno Phantom 7 for the immediate number that’s Phantom 8 this year. In an article about the Tecno Phantom 8 titled Phantom 7 and its specifications, they offer a reason that might be valid.

Following the update on the same article, written by one Saruni, they suggest that they are skipping Phantom 7 for a mere fact of the OS version. Remember most phones launched this run Android 7.1 Nougat and with the launch on Android 8.0 Oreo, Saruni argues that this might be reason. We all know that the Phantom 8 won’t be launching with Android 8.0 Oreo, it will launch with Android 7.1 Nougat but has a scheduled roll out of Android Oreo to the device from reports.

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Another part of reasoning which can still hold water is that since majority of flagships this year bear an 8 so Tecno Mobile decided to follow the norm. Remember the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Note 8, Leagoo S8 and S8 Pro, iPhone 8 etc.

So which choice of story do you want to go for? It is up to you but definitely know that Tecno Phantom 8 will not be here this year.