To be sincere, I got to know of Hai some weeks ago. Have been yearning to write about them but I just get busy on something else. While doing my online escapades, I landed on the Opera Mini (Android) speed dial. Yes that’s the place. I curiously clicked on a link sponsored on the opera mini speed dial (I guess you know this).

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Opera Mini generally to receive payments from people, companies to include their ads as bookmarks on speed dial. That’s how I stumbled on Hai. I don’t know there performance. I am yet to test what they do and how their service is.

Hai for those who don’t know is a swahili term meaning “alive”. I don’t know how that reciprocates to internet world. But yes it has a meaning. Hai as an internet provider offers office packages, home packages and more.

The chief categories offered by Hai are the Home packages and Office packages site them split into Hai-waya, Hai-Max and Hai-Sat.

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Hai Internet Service provider

Table of Contents for Hai Internet Service Provider, the Packages and Anything you should know

Key Hai Internet Service Provider Packages

The Hai Packages are categorized too and below we outline the categories.

  • Hai-Waya
  • Hai-Max
  • Hai-Sat

Hai Internet Service provider office


This is the most widely used and fastest internet around. This can be ideal in offices majorly.


It overs a wider range or distance. This is ideal connecting two business premises.


The Hai-sat offers a dedicated service. You can get your line connected from wherever be it in rural areas with the help of satellites.


Hai charges a minimum of 4,999/- on monthly basis on the lowest subscription inclusive VAT. The highest being the The Hai-Waya Turbo Plus packages that goes for Kshs. 149,999 per month for 100Mbps

Have you tried out this new service provider in town. Tell us more if you have some information in regard. Faiba are their already many years down the line. What can Hai do better to beat Faiba if they have to?

Talk to us in the comment box and be featured in our next article about internet service providers in Kenya.


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