GOtv subscribers not a happy lot. You purchased GOtv to be able to access digital TV and also evade being cut of by the Communications Authority of Kenya. Here is why you should not be proud of GOtv following its poor customer care.

Is it really worthy it to pay for something monthly that frustrates you every time you are about to enjoy a show on TV. Well this exactly what several users are facing following display of the E16 Error on their GOtv decoders.
GOtv subscribers not a happy lot

Those who have used GOtv or other Digital TV providers understand what the E16 error means and it is usually solved by dialing the shortcode *423#. However to boost the pain on the esteemed customers, this USSD code does not work either. So what is GOtv doing to its loyal subscribers?

Why should you pay to be frustrated from the services offered? The past week alone I have seen more than 5 GOtv subscribers having their TVs displaying the E16 error and searching for signals everytime. This happens like almost everyday and no GOtv customers assistant has gotten in touch or have the GOtv worked to get the issue solved.

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A user recently complained through Cofek of the poor customer care at GOtv following numerous complains by the loyal customers. it would take longer than you expect for GOtv to respond to your queries.

Solving of the E16 Error using the Cellulant SMS service by dialing *423# costs 10/- bob this is not smaller money. Imagine if you will do the same four times expecting probably your issue to be addressed but all in vain. I don’t demean GOtv but this isssue needs to be solved if GOtv really need to get the loyal subscribers’ trust back because they have lost if not all much of it has been lost.

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If it’s customer care is that poor why should you not embrace other digital Pay TV providers? Or you can purchase digital Tv sets and get digital content or purchase the free to air decoders the like of Bamba. I belive that is enough reason why you should not be proud of GOtv. GOtv subscribers not a happy lot.

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That said if you got an issue of the same magnitude as above the E16 error. Try disturbing them on twitter via @GOtvKenya.