Google™ Project Link is a project designed by Google whose work is to empower and boost internet broadband in busy cities of countries on Africa.

The first country was an East African country Uganda which has gained greatly from this Project Link.

Google on its Official Africa Blog stated that it has managed to lay fiber optic cables around Uganda’s Capital Kampala to empower and connect 700km of the city. This is in a move to boost web connectivity and high speed internet.


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Internet seized to be a luxury. It is now a basic human want/need. Internet access is the best commodity one can trade with. Majority of African cities have what we call basic internet. This isn’t enough to boost innovation and entrepreneurship.

Google Project Link is partnering with local Internet Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators to help speed their internet at the same time lowering the costs. This will see high speeds such as 4G boosted. Google Project Link has so far partnered with Vodafone Uganda and One Solutions to bring best services.

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On the other side, startups too will highly gain from this project. Citing startups such as Laboremus that has largely grown due to the great work by Google through Project Link.