Roughly 10 months after the launch of Google’s Project Fi a program that enables you to explore new ideas within the wireles internet connectivity, Google has seen it important to say ‘Goodbye’ to invite only based sign up process when it came to registration or having an coount with the Project Fi. Initially to be able to use Project Fi you were supposed either to buy a Nexus Phone through the Project Fi’s website or sign up for an invite with your gmail account which would roll over for quite a long time.

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After assessing the efficiency and effectiveness and success of the Google’s Project Fi it is official based on Official Android Blog that you will no longer require invites or buy any nexus phone to be able to use the Google’s Project Fi. To look back in Africa we see Google’s Project Link that has seen much improvement in internet broadband connectivity within Africa, from West Africa (Ghana) to East Africa (Uganda).


The Google Projet Fi has teamed up with great mobile service carriers such as the Sprint and T-Mobile in the US to bring into perspective something call an MVNO network exclusive to Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X. On the Official Android Blog Google outlines what it has learned out of the 10 months the Project Fi has been in existence and what customers are proud to share, the success etcetera.

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Project Fi is a cellular network in the US that majorly relies on Sprint and T-Mobile networks to improve their network reliability. It depends on these networks reliability when it comes to internet connection. Project Fi also relies in another perspective on the public Wi-Fi networks to boosts dead coverage and dead Wi-Fi nertworks to relive them with a Wi-Fi only connection.

Additionally according to GSMarena, the Project Fi network plans starts at $20 per month as a base then you will need to add up $10 for 1GB used in your cycle. So $10 is for 1GB of data used. Meaning if youuse 2GB you will have to pay additionally a $20 on your monthly bill.

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