Google Suspends Google Map Maker over too much spam


Google Suspends Google Map Maker over too much spam. Google has failed to keep up with the flood of toxic edits pouring into Map Maker, so it’s decided to shut off the valve.

An announcement on the Map Maker product page says Google is temporarily suspending all user edits until it can find, “ways to add more intelligent mechanisms to prevent such incidents.”

Map Maker team member Pavithra Kanakarajan says that it was a “strong user in our community” who posted the offending robot by taking advantage of auto-approval for regular contributors.

Google quickly suspended that feature, requiring approval for any edits to go live. But since then Kanakarajan indicated the team has been inundated with other spam and a backlog of legitimate user edits. So in order to try and get things under control they’re shutting down all submissions until they can create a better workflow.



This means bad business for Google Maps for it relies on user submissions to stay up-to-date with changes across the globe.


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