Children can be some of the most enthusiastic consumers of content, always looking for something new, and eager to see it all.

But the internet can be a big, scary place, with plenty of dark corners not safe for young eyes, and content discovery tools aren’t always tailored to the needs of a younger audience.


Rumors have been going back about a year now regarding Google’s efforts to make YouTube more accessible for children, and now we hear that a new YouTube Kids app will be debuting next week.

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The app, which will initially be Android-only, is set to.arrive on February 23. Beyond just delivering kid-appropriate content, the interface will be streamlined with big, bold icons perfect for little hands.

Baked-in parental controls will allow adults to limit how much time children
can spend with the app.

Of course, a kid-safe app doesn’t mean you should just let your child run wild with YouTube Kids, and even if you can rest assured that Jr. won’t be watching Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” on repeat, it’s important to keep yourself involved with what your kids are watching online.

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This new app looks like it could be a great tool to make that job easier, but there’s a lot to be said for watching with your kids, as well as empowering them to watch on their own.