Google is working on a Messaging App; Google Allo


“Say hi to Allo, Google’s new,  smart messaging app,” the greeting message you are treated to when you visit the Google Allo app from the Google Play Store. 

Google at the #Io2016, announced that it will be working on releasing messaging app and a video calling app. This just means that Google has bowed to competition from other social media companies who have identified possible future techniques and strategies.


Facebook purchased WhatsApp a popular messaging application, has Instagram, Facebook Messenger and so much more with millions of users.



WhatsApp and Telegram and a couple of other apps are the key competitors that Google looks to outsmart with the Google Allo a smart messaging app.


If Google Allo is by any chance to stand, then Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram have competition. WhatsApp is about to launch Video calling and this will be a good move.

One problem is that Google Allo will basically be a messaging App.


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