Google invest in the Next Generation Battery Technology


The most advanced mobile hardware in the world, easy-to-use, feature-packed, and compatible with all the top-shelf software you could hope for, isn’t going to do any of us any good if it runs down its batteries too quickly.

As the wearable market matures, and we squeeze powerful hardware into smaller and smaller form factors, having enough battery capacity to meet demand becomes a rowing problem. Plenty of companies are working hard to advance current battery technologies , and one of the latest firms to get involved is none other than Google.


Google’s battery efforts started out as it evaluated existing components for possible use in projects like Google Glass.


But rather than just be a passive consumer of batteries, a small team at Google has since started work trying to improve some of this tech itself.
Current avenues for investigation include next-gen solid-state batteries, constructed out of thin sheets, and also ways to enhance performance of more familiar lithium-ion cells.

Considering how Google’s need for access to high-capacity batteries with favorable operating restraints is only likely to increase over the years to come, putting money into research now could prove to be a very wise move.

Source: PocketNow via The Wall Street Journal


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