Google always tries out anything. And now in a move to continue its push to improve its mobile presence,  Google in a move to add ” buy” button to mobile searches.

Google is essentially cutting out the digital middleman for purchasing products from stores that pay for featured search results. Rather than be directed to the vendor’s site, users will be able to go to an interstitial page, select sizes, colors, etc., and check out without leaving Google.

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“The store will send it to you, but Google is making the little checkout page, trying to make it very easy for you to actually buy something from your phone,” said Ackerman.


Google will also save your credit card and shipping information, so it’ll be ready and waiting next time you want to make a purchase, even from a different store.

The Journal reported that Google is in talks with a handful of retailers including Macy’s about participating
in the initial launch. But some companies, it seemed, are concerned that the shift from Google as a referrer
of traffic to a handler of traffic will hurt their relationships with customers — and interfere with valuable direct marketing campaigns. Google will
reportedly allow buyers to opt-in to marketing programs, such as email blasts and catalogues.

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Source: CBS


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