Android Malware Apps

Malicious Activity and malicious files are making way to the Android Devices or smartphones. Have you ever found out that accidentally your files were deleted or they got infected? Well there are malicious apps that were available on the Google Play Store. These apps were responsible for introducing infectious files.

Factory reset will not be able to get rid of these apps once they are installed on your android device. What they do is that they transmit sensitive data such as passwords to some servers of some sought. This information can be used by hackers to gain access to your accounts and whatsoever that they wish to do or even stealing from you.

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Another key thing that you can do is possibly back up anything important on your device that you will need. Then by doing this you will need to flash your device ROM with a new one. Only by doing this will you be capable of getting rid of the new files introduced in the system partition of your device.

These are the list of the Malicious Apps banned by Google. The apps released and which you should rid or not try to install include the following:-

  1. Jump Planet
  2. Cake Blast
  3. Crazy Block
  4. Tiny Puzzle
  5. Honey Comb
  6. Crazy Jelly
  7. Piggy Jump
  8. Ninja Hook
  9. Eat Bubble
  10. Drag Box
  11. Cake Tower
  12. Hit Planet
  13. Just Fire

Please don’t try installing apps from unknown sources or from links on other sites.