It doesn’t really matters if you have tens of email address to manage, because a Gmail app to be launched now will allow you to see all your email accounts ( Be it Yahoo or Outlook PR custom mails) on Gmail itself.

This brand new application which is a endeavor by the gigantic Google will become a one-stop email market, which is available to all the Android devices. This newly upgraded application allows the users to view
mails from even non-Gmail accounts and reply to them.

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Regis Decamps, a software engineer told that this up-gradation will be very convenient to everyone who has multiple email accounts to manage. This app only works with the Android mobiles. It doesn’t matter how many email accounts you have or maintain,
you can always manage all your accounts within one account. It is very easy to operate all the accounts.

Users can view all the messages and emails from all the accounts that are connected to their Gmail account at one place. There is no need to shift to each and every account’s inbox. You can get all the messages together
with a label of your account.

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This app for android supports threaded chats and conversations for all the non-G mail accounts that were
connected to the account.

It will organize all the messages very well and gives the context to the user which is required to reply back to the
email threads. Messages from, Yahoo and all other POP
and IMAP accounts will have the very same similar treatment by appearing clearly organized as a single conversation.

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This brand new application will also feature better auto- complete and the smarter search. The other features will
have the much more larger previews that were attached & the facility to save them to Drive just with a single tap.