Getting your First Free Ride on Facebook Messenger


Facebook is trying to make connecting and socializing as easy as possible. Socializing and connecting has never been this simple. Facebook launched transportation on Facebook Messenger in just a few countries. The Facebook transportation will rely on Uber for all transportation features.

How to get your free ride with Facebook Messenger Transportation you will get a ride worth $20 on Uber.

After downloading the latest Facebook Messenger App, from within a conversation you can tap more menu and choose transportation.
Additionally you can search for Uber who are the first official partner on Transportation. It is easy here. You simply have to tap on Car icon to ride. Upon starting a ride you will get all your driver’s updates

To claim your free ride with Transportation on Facebook Messenger, you have to link your existing Uber account to your Facebook or set up a new account within Messenger and request a ride.


What are you waiting for? Try out transportation with Facebook Messenger.