This festive season is coming round with a couple of smartest features and offers plus extra ordinary deals here and there. You remember the Black Friday, then the Cyber Monday and now Gearbest wants to share with you another best deals event the memory Card and USB Drive Flash sale to begin your celebration with purchasing that awesome memory card or USB drive that you have always wished to have. There’s something sweet with the Gearbest memory Cards and USB Drive Flash Sale as it brings on board every device and get your smartphone, Android TV Box like the BeelinkPipo X7 Pro and many more    and the speakers and anything that requires additional storage.

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Some of the smart memory cards and USB Drives to get from the Gearbest Memory Cards and USB Drives sale include the Original Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC Memory card and OV 32GB MicroSDHC memory Card. Below I discuss to extent some of the memory cards that are among the amazing deals from Gearbest Memory Cards and USB Drives.


The Deals include:

1. SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS – I 64GB High Speed 48MB/s

SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC is a high capacity (HC) memory card that comes in hany with a high reading peed of 48MB/s and I hope you know what that means. You won’t expect delays when it comes to reading files or transferring them to another storage device. This will be really faster than before. Always consider a memory card with a smart and faster reading speed and also the writing speed.

The SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC memory card has a high storage capacity of up to 64GB.

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BUY SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC memory card

2. Kingston 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card

Kingston 64GB MicroSDXC is an extra capacity memory card which can take up to a maximum of 64GB that’s the storage space of the Kingston 64GB MicroSDXC Memory card.

On the otherside it also got a super read speed of 48MB/s and is a Class 10 memory card.

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BUY Kingston 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card

3. 2 in 1 32GB OTG USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Flash Drives are the way to carry files around nowadays. There’s just no room for any Floppy Disks or Zip Disks. This is the new technology that we should embrace in this era. With a 32GB storage it is really enough to carry many files at once to another device.

BUY 2 in 1 32GB OTG USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Those are some of the few deals on the Gearbest Memory Cards and USB Drives Flash Sale. Check out more offers via the Gearbest Website.