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November is here and in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about Black Friday. Black Friday deals are the best and this becomes the best opportunity to capture significant deals. Gearbest Black Friday Festival crazy offer kick off on November 24, 2017, this year, but the deals will be starting well beforehand. This means more sales and chances to save more money for everyone.

gearbest black friday

Kick Off (Duration) of Gearbest Black Friday

Gearbest has been on time to confirm that its Black Friday sale will be running for two weeks, starting from November 20, 2017. Gearbest Black Friday includes three parts:

  • Warm-up phase (from 20th Nov at 10:00am – 23rd Nov at 17:00) (Beijing time)
  • The Crazy time (will last as from Nov 23rd at 17:00 – 27th Nov at 17:00) (Beijing time)
  • Cyber Monday: (kicks of on 27th 17:00 and extends to 4th December)(Beijing time)

gearbest black friday party time

Gearbest is opening a ‘Black Friday Deals Store’, where shoppers can find major discounts on this year’s must-have toys, tech stuff, fashion products and much more.

How to Find Best Gearbest Black Friday Deals

How to find the best Black Friday deals in GEARBEST? See below for the top six tips on bagging the best bargains when the sale kicks off.

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 Black Friday 2017 tips:

Lucky Draw (11/20-12/04)

The Gearbest Lucky Draw will be happening from November 20th all the way to the last day of the Black Friday deals on 4th December. Below is how to get around the luck draw.

  • Log in your Gearbest Account in order to play the game
  • Each Gearbest customer has 3 free chances.
  • You can share this promo campaign to one of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK, or any social media channels and get other 5 chances per day.
  • You can also use GB points to buy EXTRA spins (going for 20 Points each chance)

gearbest black friday lucky draw


gearbest black friday lucky draw rules

The Price Slayer Game

  1. Choose one dragon to start the game
  2. Invite your friends to power up your Attack Strength(limit: 15 Friends)
  3. The more power, the greater probability of successful kill the dragon
  4. If you win, you will receive a random prize from the treasure , as well as a cool Hero Badge.
  5. You only have one chance to play – good luck, hero!
  6. Adventure time: Nov 20 @ 02:00 UTC – Dec 04 @ 02:00 UTC
  7. GearBest reserves the right to change the terms, rules and prizes of this game. If you have any questions, please contact support.
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gearbest black friday price slayer game

gearbest black friday price slayer game

Monster Flash Sales: Do not hesitate to take it away immediately!!

gearbest black friday Monster Flash Sale

Brands Super Sale:

Deep discounts on the world’s Top Brands

gearbest black friday deals

Lucky Bags

  1. Save with each Lucky Bag: The contents are worth far more than the cost.
  2. More for Less: Get one or more gifts inside each bag!
  3. A surprise in every Bag: You cannot see your Lucky Gift until you open your bag!
  4. All Lucky Bags are non-refundable.

gearbest black friday lucky bags

Cool Add-ons

Gearbest Black Friday offer cool add-ons on all orders. For any order over $60, get 1 add-on for just $0.99. For any order over $100,get 1 add-on for just $5.99. Add-on items (limit:1 unit per item)

gearbest black friday cool addons

Here is a guide of how to add on item:

1.Add your favorite products into the cart.

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add item to cart2.Enter the shopping cart.

shopping cart

3.Click ‘Check items redeemed’.

4.Choose the product you want to redeem.

choose redeeming product

5.The item(s) in your cart can be purchased now.

items in shopping cart

Gifts-guide: Pick a gift for Christmas and New year

Choose a gift for your sweetheart…..

gearbest black friday gift guide

Mega Vouchers:

  • Buy $50 get $10 OFF
  • For every $150 get $30 OFF
  • Buy $300 get $50 OFF
  • Buy more and get more discount

gearbest black friday mega vouchers

At Best Black Friday Gearbest, our goal is to better your Black Friday experience, and proper planning is essential. As always, our annual predictions cover a wide range of categories, including  smartphones, clothing, tablets, laptops, toys, spending, statistics and more.

Black Friday Predictions By Category:

The monster sales event is ready to rock your world. The ultimate Black Friday Sale is here!!

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