With MWC just a month away we’re seeing plenty of rumours about what Samsung has in store with its Galaxy S6 flagship and a potential Edge variant. New patents unearthed by Patently Mobile suggest a Galaxy S6 Edge (or simply S Edge) is indeed in the works and will be curved on both sides, unlike the Note Edge.

It’s a suggestion that we’ve heard before but the patents have only just been uncovered, providing concrete proof that Samsung is… er… definitely mulling the design over, at least. As with any patent, the idea isn’t guaranteed to see the light of day, but it’s a big hint.

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The Galaxy Note Edge was always seen as something of an experiment so it would make sense for Samsung to upgrade the technology and push the boat out for the next iteration of its curved display. And now this seems to be a dig down into the curved sides of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Once you pop

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

There’s also evidence of an interesting pop-up section on the top side of the device, but what it is and what it does is a mystery. The images found by Patently Mobile are only design patents, not fully fledged patent applications, so we don’t have much in the way of accompanying information.

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The recessed unit is shown rising up from inside the smartphone like a firmly pushed ice pop – secondary camera? Improved antenna? Edible chocolate substance? We don’t know for now, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground.

We’re definitely expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy 6 appear when Mobile World Congress gets underway in March, but the Edge model is less of a certainty.