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Making Money online has never been this easy. Even if it has some hurdles here and there when established you can really make a lot on freelance websites that pay bigger. I myself am a Tech Blogger and at the same time I also do some freelance jobs here and there and they keep me going for a month, pay my rent and additionally support my other activities.

I started doing freelance jobs when I really didn’t know what they meant that means I joined such sites long time ago and now that I am a bit well established I believe that you can make a fortune out of online freelance obs by freelance websites.

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Table of Contents for Freelance Websites where you can make a fortune

Freelance Websites

Whatare freelance websites? That’s a question I think goes through minds of many when they first come across such a term when not really familiar about the same.


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[notification type=”notification_info” ]A freelance website is simply a website that allows for people to get their work done for a fee and theose people who do the work are called freelancers – those who have joined the site to make money. [/notification]

A person can choose to be an employer or a freelancer. It doesn’t mean that when you are a freelancer you can’t get your job done by fellow freelancers. It is really smart to be the person who does some work and when you need something pay your fellows to do it for you. That’s just being a better person who understands others.

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Some freelance websites from which you can make a fortune are as follows some are new and some have been here for quite a long time.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer has been in existence for quite a long time now. They have worked hard and refurbished their website towards acquiring more users and at the same time employers on Freelancer some have better pay that others.

Freelancer accepts payment forms such as PayPal, bank transfers and many others. You would probably need a PayPal account to have one Freelancer account.

To join Freelancer you don’t have much to do. Have your skills with you and the Join Freelancer.

2. Upwork

Upwork is another freelance website where you sell you skills to those who want them. On Upworks you will be required to take some tests just like it is on Freelancer to up your skills. You can join Upwork via this link.

3. iWriter

iWriter is abasically a content writing website majorly taking much of article writing. With iWriter you ahve several user standards based on employers ratings and the first level is Standard which lowest pay as compared to premium and elite accounts. However by completing several tasks you can move up from the standard to the Elite or Premium Writers within a week.

4. Course Hero

Course Hero is one of the latest websites to be offering freelancing tools. However, with Course Hero you can be a tutor, write articles, write academic reports and so one. All you need is to register via this link and set up your account.

You can pay some amount to get your account given instant access or you ca upload your documents for the same.

More sites to follow



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