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No one hates free money. But as a certain quote says when the deal is good think twice. This is not about thinking twice. It is about going for the best. Going for money by Sportpesa.

Rafiki Bonus Free Money with SPortpesa

Sportpesa is the fastest growing sports gambling site in Kenya. It came to clear limelight in the year 2014 during the World Cup and has since gained massive followers. Sportpesa commands absolutely a majority of online sports gamblers and majority of them possibly being students looking for easy to come and free money.

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However, Sportpesa introduced a feature dubbed Rafiki Bonus what is this? Rafiki Bonus allows you to invite your friends, relatives and anybody else to join sportpesa. This gives you free money with sportpesa. All you have to do is have them register and when they place their bets for each one you get Ksh. 100. Imagine if you invited 10 which is a smaller number you would get Ksh 1000.

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Why be left behind. Encourage your friends to join sportpesa and get access to this free money offered by SPortpesa.

SPORTPESA wants to help you get your friends in the game and now we’re making it easier than ever before.


Rafiki bonus is open to both existing and new SPORTPESA participants who have their accounts verified, who have placed minimum one bet.

Here is how you Invite your Friends:-

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For them to join via SMS

Tell them to send ACCEPT#07xx xxx xxx (this being your phone number) to the shortcode 79079.

Join Online

Your friends must fill in the registration form, your phone number in the optional “Reference ID” field

Whenever your friends place the first net. You’re awarded. An awesome and cool way isn’t it. Try it


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