Today was marked by an incredible excitement from parse as they shared  five new product announcements plus an update to SDKs, live from the F8 Developer Conference at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Facebook 8 (F8) New products by Parse

Since F8 2014, the parse community of developers has grown to include over 400,000 from around the world, moving fast and shipping great experiences on Parse every single day.

Powering more than 500 million active app installations in the last month alone. Parse has always been looking for ways to help you build, scale, and secure the most successful app experiences possible.

Introducing the latest and greatest updates to the Parse platform:

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#1. Better Security with the New Enhanced Sessions
Giving more control to its users than ever before over app’s security, the new Enhanced Sessions feature allows you to manage session logins for each device that your users log in with.

#2. Parse for Web, Parse for Mobile, and now Parse for Internet of Things
Starting today, it is easier than ever to use Parse to build apps for devices like garage door openers, smart batteries, thermostats, security cameras, and much more. Using the new SDK for the Arduino Yún and our Embedded C SDK for Linux and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), you can now use the power of Parse to more easily connect apps to hardware devices.

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#3. Let’s Build Together — with Parse + React
The new Parse + React library, makes it incredibly easy and seamless for you to access and store Parse data from React applications. Build complex and dynamic apps like never before. Access these tools now Endless Possibilities, No Matter Which Server You Love With the new Cloud Code Webhooks, you now have the
freedom to write code in whatever language or framework you want. As long as you have a server running it, your Cloud Code can integrate with it.

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#4. Chart New Territory with Parse Explorer
You can now investigate what’s happening with a subset of your app’s API requests with our powerful yet easy-to-use query language.

#5. Supporting Facebook SDK v4
Prior to today, integrating the Facebook SDK with Parse iOS and Android SDKs has been a seamless process. With the new release of Facebook SDK v4, Parse will continue to offer the same level of support for the new v4 SDK from day one—while continuing to support the v3 SDK.