TrueCaller is the best and worlds largest phone numbers community,which keeps the details of millions of people over the globe. TrueCaller helps you to find who is calling you, some days before I also used many mobile number tracing services but no use because all services just showing the telecom circles only, But TrueCaller is the amazing app, there you can find unknown callers name location, photo by searching mobile number or else you can search by name to find mobile number.

Whenever we receive a call from unknown number, it’s actually a best idea to find the details of the mobile number. When I see a number of missed calls from unknown persons, rather than calling them back again instantly, Everyone must know at least the name of unknown call but however it wasn’t possible for all of us before the time of smartphones. But now we’ve got smartphones and we can easily install TrueCaller to know the name and other information of each and every unknown phone number. TrueCaller is one of the best service, which allow you to find the details of unidentified mobile numbers. Best part is, TrueCaller is also accessible on online, and they’ve mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry.

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However you need to be connected to the internet and more preferably 3G for you to get the people’s details. If the person is not registered on TrueCaller it will only show the location possibly Kenya is the person is from Kenya or the number begins wit (+254) country code.

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It is actually an application that works as a caller ID. Actually it’s a worldwide Caller ID which shows the name of the unknown caller, regardless of no matter if their number is saved TrueCaller id on your smart phone or not.

It’s going to take couple of seconds for the app to evaluate the number and show the details. Well, this app does needs 3G and EDGE and Wifi connection for working. It does with a feature which allows the users to find the location of the caller via allowing Google Maps on their device.

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True Caller

Upon installing TrueCaller on your gadget or handset preferably Android, Apple or Blackberry you will need to login to the your TrueCaller account using either email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The details you enter or fill into your profile are the one that are seen by other people who search you on TrueCaller.

To search a person’s contact on TrueCaller at the top bar you will find a search box where you type the number and click Go on your keypad or search icon then TrueCaller will search the web to find if such contact exists.


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