Fero Mobile is set to unveil Iris scanner smartphone. Competition in the field of technology is determined by how fast you can change with changing technologies. Phone security technologies are the defining factors in whether you devices sell or not. Fero Mobile brand was launched last year in the last quarter and has seen Fero Mobile release a series of phones around the world.

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Fero Mobile is set to unveil their first smartphone that encompasses the iris scanning technology. This a new technology apart from fingerprint and the old pattern and pin or swipe locking options. Iris scanning uses the state of art technology that locks one’s phone using their iris patterns which are never similar.

It is just as secure as the fingerprint scanning technology that locks ones phone with their fingerprints. Fero Mobile is set to launch such a smartphone tomorrow to be precise the 28th day of February, 2017.

Fero Mobile with the entry of this Iris scanner enabled smartphone will provide a more competitive advantage to there side so they can compete with the likes of Tecno Mobile. Tecno Mobile has their first Iris scanner enabled phone mid last year. Their Tecno C9 did good with its Iris scanning feature and dual cameras of 13MP each. 

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We just hope Fero Mobile’s Iris scanning smartphone will not be that expensive. Let’s wait and see what unfolds. 

Meanwhile you can check out the Fero Pad 7 a seven inch Fero tablet that can literally so anything you need.


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