Sometimes you don’t need big names or brands to get that excited. One small feature phone from Fero Mobile got me excited. First at the name then realized the specs are not bad either.  If you looking to surprise your granny or someone close to you who doesn’t like touchscreen devices, this is the phone for them. Fero F1805 selfie is a feature phone that of course has a front camera.

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One good thing with feature phones is that they can last and last. Their battteries even though have smaller capacities still they can deliver. Thanks to their smaller displays and almost everything on them doesn’t require so much power to operate.

Fero F1805 Selfie
Here are the specification of the Fero F1805 selfie feature phone.

  • It sports a 1.8 inch display
  • QCIF diplay resolution of 128*160 pixels
  • Supports dual SIM
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Internal storage/ROM: 32MB
  • SD card slot is available to take up to 32GB
  • VGA rear camera with 1.2MP sensor, the front one is a CIF camera.
  • It is small enough with dimensions of 110*49*14.7mm
  • The battery has capacity of 800mAh
  • Has mulika mwizi  (torch light)
  • Supports Bluetooth of course.
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The battery at 800mAh for such a feature phone can last through a week. Majorly if it is for someone who doesn’t do lots of texting.

You can share files via Bluetooth. Look it also has some internal storage 32MB and has a memory card slot to expand it to 32GB max out.

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Use both SIM cards directly in this phone. It supports dual SIM both standby ready. .

It costs literally like nothing. Fero F1805 Selfie costs Kes. 1500/-.


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