I have concentrated much on other issues that I have forgotten to also look at our beautiful women in elegant dresses trying to make a leaving out of giving fashion tips to other ladies. All who blog often at a point in time do it for the passion they have from within. You won’t say my mum or dad forced me into this? Not forgeting Happy Women’s Day to You All Ladies. Back to business, Blogging in Kenya has taken a whole new perspective. It is now more educative, informative and inspiring forget about the gossip blogs. Am talking of real blogs here.

Several Bloggers came up and decided that we need to set up an organization that is Bloggers Association. This BAKE was born as an idea by a fewer number of bloggers with common interest. BAKE has grown large and bigger and now even offers trainings on various issues regarding blogging.

That aside, BAKE started the popularly known Kenyan Blog Award and thanks to them we now have fashion-stars all over Kenya who do what they like and they get paid for really doing nothing but what they like.

Several blogs were submitted for the 2015 Blog Awards. And they were vetted and the best given to the public for their decision through voting in various blog categories. These categories include:-

  • Best Technology Blog
  • Best Photography Blog
  • Best Creative Blog
  • Best Business Blog
  • Best Food Blog
  • Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog
  • Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog
  • Best Politics
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Corporate Blog
  • Best Topical Blog
  • Best Sports Blog
  • Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Education
  • Best Travel
  • Best Health
  • Best County Blog
  • Kenyan Blog of the Year
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I think from that list Best Fashion/Hair/Beauty/Style Blog category stands out from all. Why? That is my focus today. Fashion Blogs in Kenya.

Five Blogs that were selected to reach the voting stage are:-

Who are the Beautiful Ladies behind this blogs?

1. Ms. Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia This is Ess
Sharon Mundia of This is Ess. Photo Credit: ThisisEss (About)

She is a Kenyan fashion blogger and beauty lover behind This is Ess. Sharon has been blogging for a couple years now and what started out as a fun hobby has turned into a great passion for her.

Sharon Says,
“I’m lucky enough to be able to do what I love which, in essence, is to share my personal style and other bits of my life in the hope that it will inspire women of all ages. What I’ve come to realise is that fashion isn’t just about being trendy and cute, it’s about expressing your character, building your confidence and ultimately celebrating yourself. My hope for my blog is to inspire women around Africa to be the best damn artists they could possibly be.”

2. Ms. Caroline Kibati

Ms. Caroline Kibati
Ms. Caroline Kibati of MsKibati.com ImageCredit : MsKibati.com/about

As the name suggests the blog name comes from her name Ms. Kibati giving it a feel of herself. Ms. Caroline is fashion entrepreneur and fashion blogger/writer. Blogging is something that started out as a hobby and ended up as a platform to inspire and motivate her readers and also to some extend as an educative and interactive platform. Her fashion blogging was a dream at the beginning and once Lupita said, “……no matter where you come from, your dreams are valid” so her dream and hobby has come true.

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3. Ms. Anita Gaitho

Ms. Anita Gaitho
Ms. Anita Giatho of Style Sketches. Image Credit/Style Sketches

Who is Anita Gaitho? She is fashion lover & blogger. Natural hair, Health & fitness enthusiast. And just by that you’re ready to go and surely know that she loves and adores what she does. Just like I said blogging starts as a hobby and I hope this applies to Ms. Anita too. Who never loves new tips on how to be trendy, to look good and be nice. Visit Style Sketches   and get many tips on fashion styles by Anita. Also catch her up on her Instagram page as @AnitaGaitho.

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4. Silvia Njoki

Ms. Sylvia Njoki of SylviaNjoki.com
Ms. Silvia Njoki.
Image Credit: SilviaNjoki.com/contact-2

Sylvia Njoki is a renowned Kenyan fashion stylist, living and working in Nairobi, and the creator and inspirational manager of the blog Silvia Njoki. She started her blog in the year 2013 as a creative outlet for her DIY activities in pursuit of dressing her infant daughter, born that year, but gradually evolved into a more fashion oriented vehicle for sharing her personal style on the social media scene. She studied her fashion at University of the Arts London where she did Fashion Styling.

5. Joy Kendi

Ms. Joy Kendi of OurStylekenya.com
Ms. Joy Kendi of OurStylekenya.com.
Image Credit: OurStylekenya.com

Ms. Joy Kendi is a Kenyan fashion blogger. She blogs on the latest trends in fashion and what every lady would love to war. She takes it as a passion from the way she places her posts and also her videos on her facebook page. Ms. Joy Kendi too was nominatd in the Best Fashion/Hair/Beauty/Style Blog. Check her out on INSTAGRAM at @JoyKendi_osk



With a little knowledge of the five beautiful ladies that keep amazing and making our female pals and us happy go ahead and vote for them. To vote for anyone of them visit Blog Awards 2015 and scroll to category No. 7 and choose your favorite. Vote Now