Facebook Wants you to Stick within Messenger


If you’re among the people who have recently updated their Facebook Messenger app you have seen something like a messenger icon and SMS. Or you met a prompt splash screen to turn on SMS within the Facebook Messenger app. SMS, Facebook has accepted that cannot be taken over by the Messenger and WhatsApp, so one thing to make people stick within Messenger is to make it a default messages app. This means you can reply to your text messages within the Messenger app.

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Read your messages in Messenger

Would you stick within the app?  Well,  if you’re one of the people who do texting a lot and use Messenger most of the time,  then you’re covered. You won’t need to change from Messenger to your messages app like GoSMS Pro or default messages app.

Here is the splash screen you are treated to when you open the app you just have updated.


If you haven’t come across such when opening the app for the first time after updating then you will need to do something else.

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On your profile icon you will find settings like Messenger Code, Link and so forth. Under you will see something or a menu SMS. Tapping on the SMS setting menu will give you the above option of turning the app as default messaging or not.

If you have been keen you can see that the default SMS icon is purple. This means that the your messages will be purple to distinguish them from your FB chats.

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Below is a screenshot of a chat screen. Texts as seen through messenger


One thing that you can still note is that the chats are tabbed. Where you have an all tab for both Messenger and SMS,  then for Messenger  Alone then SMS. have a look.


NOTE: SMS charges apply for sending messages through Facebook Messenger it is not free.


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