Facebook to start hosting Instant Articles this May. Facebook is trying to let the publishers jeep their revenue on certain advertisements. According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook soon will start hosting full articles by Buzzfeed, National Geographic and The New York Times as latest as this month. This new feature by Facebook is dubbed “Instant Articles,” and the social network has been working on it as Early as March this year when they started talk with new sites, at the very least.

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Facebook is reportedly offering news organizations special ad models that maximize their earning potential to entice them to sign up. One of the models it’s proposing will even allow publishers to keep 100 percent of what they earn from ads they themselves sell, as well as 70 percent of the revenues from ads Facebook sells for them.

Facebook to start hosting other sites' content this May

In the report also Facebook claims that it doesn’t mind earning almost nothing from the arrangement, because this project was never meant to earn the company money. Facebook isn’t concerned about money first but rather it’s more of a tactic to get traffic – more people to stay on the website for longer hours.

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The social network is hopes beyond doubts that its users would prefer reading posts and watching videos on their Facebook news feeds that loading websites whose links appear on Facebook. But will Facebook work on it’s loading speed when it comes to loading video clips? Well as it stands probably it has devised ways to ensure all this is up and running fine.

Despite the enticing offer, some publishers aren’t too keen on being more tightly integrated with the social network. They’re not happy with the thought of giving the social network control over their content and not having access to their readers’ info. In fact, the WSJ says Facebook is still in the midst of closing the deal with its three launch partners, so Instant Articles’ debut could still be moved to a later date.